At our project we will have 7 meetings. Here you can get an impression of the meetings which already had taken place and the work which was done there.

Meeting 1 in Varna
external image varna-port03.jpg

Meeting 2 in Athens

external image View_of_the_Acropolis_Athens_(pixinn.net).jpg

Meeting 3 in Helsinki

external image Helsinki_skyline_sommer_mit_Dom.jpg

Meeting 4 in Vitoria

external image museo_de_bellas_artes_de_vitoria_gasteiz_4958_630x.jpg

Meeting 5 in Opwijk
external image OpwijkGCHoftenHemelrijckcover.jpg

Meeting 6 in Bad Ems
external image Startbild%20f%C3%BCr%20den%20Rundgang_web.jpg

Meeting 7 in Lublin
external image lublin2.jpg