Dear partners,

Dear educators and students of Europe,
The idea of Erasmus Minus Bullying programme was created by the need to face bullying as a phenomenon in our European schools. In August 2013 we started searching for partners on the E-Twinning European Commission platform for teachers, with the intention of creating a big group of partners from north, south, east and west Europe. It was a great challenge and pleasure for us to have met our keypals and worked with them. The step of the application showed how well we could cooperate, putting our ideas on “paper”, actually “word documents” and e-mails, suggesting, reminding, recommending and editing, disagreeing and misunderstanding, however finally understanding and compromising. Actually, our famous poet Kavaphis said that: “if you have climbed the first step, you have already gone very high and accomplished a lot”. And that’s how we felt.
The aim of the EMB project is to create intellectual outputs, that is teaching material and resources for European teachers with the active participation and contribution of our students.
It is important for all of us to realize that it is not a project of cultural exchange of school students. It is an exchange of good practices and training of students and teachers.
Our EMB wikispace webpage is supposed to give a comprehensive overview of our common work. In the first year we were trained on ICT tools and platforms and we dealt with the social and psychological aspects of bullying. In the second year we are working on the topic of cyber-bullying, the criminal aspects of it and on prevention matters. At the end of this project we will have produced a book and an educational guide with suggestions on how to use our material in bullying prevention and intervention. Our products will be uploaded on the European Platform and our educational authorities will be notified so that it is promoted to different schools.
We want to express our satisfaction to our partners from Belgium, Bulgaria, Finland, Germany, Italy, Poland, Romania, Spain and Turkey for the hard work they have contributed in order to meet the demands of this so challenging project.
We thank you all for the trust you showed by giving us the opportunity to coordinate this project.
We are all very proud of our EMB.
The coordinators

Mania Kourousi
Arianna Vagourdi